2017 Blind-Draw Coed Touch Football Tourney at Wilkeson Pointe, August 5

Date: August 05, 2017

Time: 9:00 am

Everyone plays with their usual teams in the Spring and Fall sessions. We found some of the teams mix it up in the Winter indoor session by combining forces or swapping players. This made for some interesting competition during the indoor league.

Running the blind-draw format will allow participants to meet new people that play on other teams and even in other divisions.

Besides, there is no reason to run a team-style tournament, since the Spring playoffs, at the end of June, just determined who the best TEAMS are.

Individual players will register as a QB, non-QB Female, or non-QB Male player. The number of tournament teams will be based on the number of registered QB’s and/or Female players. Then to determine teams, we will draw the QB’s out of a hat. Next we will draw the Female players out of a hat. Then we will draw the Male players out of the hat.

Maximum of 80 Players (8 teams): Tournament teams will then be randomly drawn and randomly placed into the various tournament pools.

Rules: Standard Game On! Coed Touch Football Rules will apply.

Format: Double-elimination or Round Robin. TBD based on number of registrants.


Wilkeson Pointe
225 Fuhrmann Boulevard
Buffalo, NY 14203