Watching the wind for whitetail success

Wind is a crucial factor in determining whitetail deer success. Do you factor in the wind all season or just when it’s bitter cold or during the rut?

Picking the perfect tree and tree stand placement tips

Whitetail deer hunting from a tree stand has many distinct advantages. The greatest is the mobility factor. The hunter can move the stand based on changing deer movements with little notice.

Crossbow Hunting Tips: Create the Perfect Blind Setup

For crossbow hunters, a good blind is certainly not a requirement for success, but using one definitely ups the odds as well as adds to the hunter’s overall comfort. However, blinds are ideal when hunting with children, new hunters, and physically-limited hunters.

Summer Prep for Crossbow Hunters

  Summer Prep for Crossbow Hunters By Burt Carey Summer is the perfect time to hone-in your crossbow shooting skills in preparation for the upcoming season. Before sending arrows downrange, though, turn your attention to any repairs or maintenance needed for your crossbow. “Proper maintenance of your crossbow is essential for accuracy, safety, and reliability,” […]

With Crossbow Hunting On the Rise

  With Crossbow Hunting On the Rise, TenPoint Leads the Charge with Light, Compact Models By Burt Carey As support for crossbow hunting continues to grow across the United States, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has been busy creating models hunters are clamoring for like the new Carbon Nitro RDX and Turbo GT. Hunters in Missouri, Minnesota […]

Take Advantage of Crossbows to Improve your Hunts

  Take Advantage of Crossbows to Improve your Hunts by Craig Lamb   The list of states allowing or considering the use of crossbows during archery season continues to grow, and that means longer seasons and more chances for success when hunting whitetail deer and other big game. But the advantages don’t stop there. If […]

Now’s the Time to Tune Up for Season

  Now’s the Time to Tune Up for Season by Ted Lund   When Bryan Zabitski isn’t working on stories and columns related to his position as a field editor for Crossbow Connection Magazine or fielding customer queries as the customer service manager for TenPoint Crossbows, you’ll find him getting ready for the next archery […]

TenPoint Crossbows Turns Heads

  TenPoint Crossbows Turns Heads at Archery Trade Association Show By Burt Carey   Building on its reputation as the industry leader in precision engineering and crossbow technology, TenPoint Crossbows introduced a series of new products for 2015 that members of the Archery Trade Association welcomed with open arms. You would expect TenPoint to nudge […]

TenPoint Cocking Systems Open Up World of Crossbows

TenPoint Cocking Systems Open Up World of Crossbows by Ted Lund   The innovative team at TenPoint Crossbows has a cocking system for just about anybody — helping introduce the exciting world of crossbow archery to just about any experience level and budget.   ACUdraw — The Game Changer The flagship of TenPoint’s line is […]

Diane Hassinger is On Point for TenPoint

  Diane Hassinger is On Point for TenPoint   We expect pro staff members to talk up their chosen product lines. That’s what pro staffers do. Most passersby listen to the stories, some might even ask a couple of questions, then politely move along. But when Diane Hassinger tells her story, TenPoint Crossbows virtually fly […]